Rafiki Wildlife Foundation (RWF)

Rafiki Wildlife Foundation (RWF) is a non-government organization, non-profit making, non-political and non-denomination organization that has been in existence since founded in 2012 with aims to provide wildlife, environmental and natural resources conservation education, campaigning on ant-poaching and promoting internal tourism as well as recognizing that wildlife conservation is an attitude of God refers the Early preserver known as Noah in his Ark.

RWF was founded by Pastor Clement A. Matwiga and his Wife Esther C. Matwiga together with associate founder member Mr. Alphonce Daud Nehemiah in Arusha town, Tanzania -East Africa. The intention of organization is to have a well-educated and understandable society concerning on the importance of conserving, preserving and protecting wildlife, environments and natural resources as well.

In 2014, the RWF was registered by the government of Republic of Tanzania as a non-governmental organization with registration number No. 00NGO/00007591 of 4th November, 2014 mandated to operate in Tanzania Mainland in accordance with its constitution. The registration was successful after been confirmed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism that its vision, mission and objectives draw attention to achieve the National wildlife and environmental policies. The vision was acknowledged and supported by both local and international wildlife and environmental conservation stakeholders.

RWF has managed to raise awareness, attitudinal and behavioral change towards importance of voluntarily protecting and conservation of natural resources and wildlife through providing conservational education to the community increasing their understanding in wildlife policy and involvement. It has also increased a strong relationship with wildlife conservation and protection members and partners such as government like the Ministry of Natural resource and Tourism under the Wildlife section, TANAPA, Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority, TAWIRI, TAWA, Mweka Wildlife Institution, Ministry Of Home Affair, Regions and Districts, Villages offices as well as private sectors include; mass media, Coca-cola and SBC-Tanzania company and community itself.

RWF Established focal desk and network for ambassadors in schools, colleges, religions institutions, villages and town known as UHIFADHI MALIASILI GROUP in some regions, who pioneer the conservation, preservation and protection of  wildlife and natural resources as well as fight against poaching. This conducted after launching the its national anti-poaching awareness campaign known as JITOKEZE TUONGEE TETEA HAKI ZA WANYAMAPORI KWA KUJENGA UJIRANI MWEMA NA JAMII officially opened by Deputy Minister of Natural and Tourism Hon. Mohamoud Mgimwa (MP) on February, 13rd 2015 at Mnazi mmoja grounds in Dar es salaam city.


Rafiki Wildlife Foundation (RWF)


Ensuring all Tanzanian are well understanding the importance of conserving, preserving and protecting natural resources and wildlife by through awareness, education and capacity building


 To creation of broad-based community awareness on proper utilization of natural resources for sustainable development, natural resources conservation education, sensitize attitudinal changes and voluntarily towards protecting, campaigning on anti-poaching, tree planting  and promoting tourism initiatives for effectively  conservation development.