Enjoy the benefits of natural resources management

RWF strongly belief is that; the natural resources is at the “heart” of life. In all our work, we genuinely aim to fight for the rights and enjoy the benefits of natural resources management. These values are therefore guided by the flowing core principles.

  1. Transparency: RWF shall strive to provide and access clear, accurate and up-to-date information. We therefore cherish openness to hold us and those who receive information to the highest standards of communication.
  2. Integrity: RWF is defined by a set of agreed standards of behaviours which connect us as a team and bring others into play. We shall stand to practice and protect them at all times and costs.
  3. Accountability: For RWF, accountability is the cornerstone of each individual’s actions and performance. We strive on taking responsibilities and being responsive for each and every members and stakeholders.
  4. Respect: We shall demonstrate every aspect of respect for each other, i.e. members, leaders, staff and the partners.
  5. Discipline: We shall be conscious of the necessary prioritisation and discipline it takes to attain efficiency and good quality of work and emanating results.
  6. Equity and Gender Consciousness: We recognize and respect the gender diversity aspects in our organization and we shall remain committed to protect all the social justice and equity elements