Enjoy the benefits of natural resources management
  1. To create an internal sympathy and understandings to the local communities especially those surrounding the national parks and game reserves and know that they are significant stakeholders in conservation of natural resources and protecting wild animals and marine species.
  2. To strengthen the local communities to adopt the land use management system in protected areas, understandings on regulations and laws, and empowering them through training to engage in socio-economic activities friendly with proper utilization of natural resources aimed to reduce house hold poverty.
  3. To create awareness to local community and government authorities on how and when to strength the regulations established in protected areas during disseminationof conservation and environmental policy, regulations and by-laws established by government authority.
  4. Addressing climate change issues as the lead drivers of natural resources depletion.
  5. To develop and launch an every year festive for awareness raising and denouncing poaching of wildlife and environmental degradation.
  6. To provide advisory, research, support and consultancy services that rely on organization objectives.
  7. Providing training and capacity building basis on control of environmental pollution, protecting wildlife.